The most popular e-commerce platforms of 2018

Popular E-commerce Platforms for 2018

Popular E-commerce Platforms for 2018

There is no better time to establish your own online store than now. Digital commerce made huge leaps in its evolution and nowadays it implements all the new developments in the IT world. From electronic wallets, mobile platforms and social media integration to using AI and voice technologies. 

Why go into e-commerce in the first place? Well that’s such a vast, interesting topic I shall save that for later. Perhaps write about it in a future post, look out for it.

Choosing an e-commerce platform relieves you of a huge headache of researching, making predictions, and building a custom platform on your own. It will also decrease the maintenance cost, as it’s much easier to support a popular platform than a custom solution.

You won’t need to keep a team of developers who know every nook and cranny of your store. You can simply hire a couple of specialists in a chosen platform and it won’t take them much time to know your shop like the back of their hand.

Let’s look at the most popular e-commerce solutions on the market today.


An e-commerce platform from Canada, Shopify is focused on mobile and social shopping. The best thing about Shopify is that you can integrate it into your social media profile and your customers won’t even need to leave the social media platform to use your shop.

Extremely easy to set up, Shopify not only provides an e-commerce platform, it also gives you the tools to use it as a complete website. They have mastered the technique of the ‘quick and easy set up’ of all the e-commerce website platforms.

However, it is arguable that the old adage stands true here. What comes easy isn’t always right.

There are some cons to using Shopify. One of those includes the issue that most of the useful extensions come at a cost. Also, there might be additional transactions you’ll have to pay for using Shopify and its special coding language might make the shop customization a bit pricey.

So it’s basically a closed system. The ease of the quick set up time that we enjoy does indeed come with a price. It’s ‘their way or no way‘ for the entrepreneur without coding know how.



A platform of choice for big online shops with huge amounts of products and transactions. The main reason for this is the price of using the Enterprise version of Magento. This package which ranges from $22,000 to $190,000 annually.

This high pricing is due to the fact that the software itself comes with so many features built in. Not to say that the others don’t, but they don’t do it like Magento.

For example, Magento features SEO, site management, shipping channels, analysis, and the list goes on. In regards to other platforms, these come extra or not at all.

It comes as no surprise that a lot of large companies take advantage of this. Some of the more famous brands that use Magento are Ford, Wrangler, Omega watches, Christian Louboutin.



A plugin for WordPress that allows you to integrate a shop into your WordPress website. It is more suitable for small to medium size online-shops as it lacks scalability. Additionally, if you expect a steady growth of your customer base you should probably be ready for the problems with WooCommerce shop slowing down.

That being said, if you have a small shop and you already have a WordPress blog or a website then WooCommerce would be the perfect choice for you.

Woocommerce has a plethora of both free and paid extensions allowing for complete customization. It also works well with WordPress in that many of the community plugins work very well with Woocommerce. They go hand in hand.

That bodes well for the sole proprietor just starting out. The extensions available can make it seem like there is a team of employees behind the scenes.

If you don’t have a large team of developers to create your very own custom online-shop, using one of the popular e-commerce platforms is the best choice for you and your business. Just pick the one that would best suit your needs.

So there we have it, the most popular e-commerce platforms of 2018. If you feel like we have left out any feel free to drop a comment. We would also love to hear your feedback of any of the platforms mentioned above.

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