Apple unveils two major releases in September

Apple drops two major releases in September

Apple drops iPhone XS, XR and XR Max along with new iOS

Apple has just recently released three new phones; iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. They have become the new generation of Apple phones with overall improvements and some rather interesting changes. All of them have a new processor that Apple claims is faster, Face ID instead of Touch ID, extended battery life (except the XS Max which has a bigger screen), and the XR model has an LCD display instead of the OLED display that the other iPhones use.

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However, that’s not all the news Apple had in its bag. In just a couple of days, there will be another major release – iOS 12. It will bring with it a lot of interesting features. These features include improved performance!

One of those performance upgrades include an improvement on Siri.. As a result, Siri will get new voices, become more knowledgeable and it will have another cool feature that can change the way the virtual assistant is used. The new addition to Siri is called Shortcuts. Shortcuts will allow users to create their own phrases for Siri. This includes operating other devices, making a number of standard steps, loading a frequently visited website, etc.

The cool thing is that it will be available for third-party apps too! Developers would be able to create their own shortcuts for users to enjoy. One of the examples that were shown on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference was ringing a Bluetooth key-finder using this new feature. The link can be found here. That was just a demonstration of what this can do.

It would be great to see what the developers would think of after iOS 12 is released.

What does this mean for us?

New iPhones and a new version of iOs all sound like new toys on Christmas morning. However, these releases help to solidify a new trend for the future. Voice. We believe that the changes to Siri definitely coincide with the changes we see in the tech world. With the popularity or tools like Alexa or Google Home, we see that voice is where we are headed.

Amongst other things, we can only assume that soon enough only the top handful of choices in a Google search will be read out by these devices. Or maybe the top! As a result, we predict the importance of SEO to grow exponentially in the next few years.

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