Drupalgeddon2 vs. Drupal’s Security Team

Drupalgeddon2 vs. Drupal Security Team

Drupalgeddon2 vs. Drupal Security Team


Drupal is definitely up there when discussing the top CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Web developers love Drupal for its functionality and features, while customers enjoy the thousands of free themes and plugins created by the Drupal’s vast community. However, data security is the key factor that makes both customers and developers depend on.

The Drupal core vulnerability CVE-2018-7600 got, not only, one of the highest security risk rates based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology scoring system, 21 out of 25, but it also got its own name – Drupalgeddon2. This is a critical security risk to say the least.

The developers have already issued a fix to both modern versions of their CMS and to the updated 6.x version too. The Drupal community is now working on finding out more about the vulnerability by analyzing the updates themselves.

Otherwise, Drupal has a good track record of being a pretty secure content management system. It might be a bit more complicated than some other CMS out there but that has its own advantages.

Drupal is a very powerful, flexible, and modern system.

There are a lot of contributors that help keep both the core of the CMS and the plugins up to date, adding support for the most popular technologies on the market. Therefore, Drupal’s plugin system is not quite like other CMS plugins. It is more flexible and responsive.

One of the main advantages of Drupal is its international community. That means that a number of people work with the common goal of global technological progress. This in turn makes their favorite CMS reliable and easy to work with.

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