Hackers VS. Web Security

Hackers VS. Web Security


The world continues to experience a steady growth of businesses going online. The growing number of online data and services users receive also brings up the concerns about the safety of those processes.

Unauthorized access to the data becomes more frequent and the damage that might be done by it is sometimes hard to predict. As a result defending against hackers has become one of the top priorities for online businesses.

There are a lot of different techniques hackers use and today we’ll talk about backdoors.

A backdoor is a way for a hacker to access and control a system by bypassing the authentication process. Let’s start with a simple analogy:

Imagine you have a default login information on your website. Someone could use it to steal the information or control your website without your knowledge.

The main problems with backdoors are that they are designed to be hard to find. Additionally, using a backdoor usually doesn’t raise any alarms. They are designed to give the hacker the access to the system multiple times. As they become a part of the system itself, they can successfully mimic a normal system’s activity and can fool the intrusion detection systems.

Don’t worry, all hope is not lost for web security. There are ways to detect and protect your systems from backdoor attacks.

Web Security

First of all, you should use a proper firewall as it protects from a whole “port binding” type of backdoor attacks.

The other good way to defend your system is network activity monitoring. While the backdoors can remain dormant when the hacker isn’t using it, they still will generate traffic when used. Analyzing the traffic for suspicious activity will help you to detect the intrusion in time, fix the thing that has led to the breach and mitigate the damage, while the intrusion is still in its early stages.

Here is a list of the top networking activity monitoring tools for 2018.

The third option is using special anti-malware solutions that are designed to look for backdoor attacks. Such solutions can even detect the breaches that emulate the normal network activity.

Backdoor attacks may become a serious threat to your business, but understanding how they work and knowing the ways to defend from them will help you to stay safe.

If you have any questions about your web security feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss it. Otherwise drop a comment and let us know your experience with your network security.

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