Top 5 reasons why your business needs a website

Top 5 reasons why your business needs a website

Like many small business owners, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget. You focus on necessities and urgent matters, only spending money when you need to. So, it’s easy to see why some new business owners might think a website is a luxury item they can afford to live without.

You might even believe a Facebook page is enough for an online presence, or that a sign with your phone number will generate calls, or because you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers. These are common misconceptions. These five tips will help you see that the only way to start promoting a business is by building a professional website, no matter the size.


1. The perfect marketing channel

Traditional marketing efforts are still viable and very important. Luckily, the world has created a canvas which houses them all together, a website!

A website can act as an anchor for all of your advertising efforts. All business details, product/service information and promotions should be found on your website. As a result, when you create marketing materials, customers will be driven to your website for additional information and vice versa.


2. Ability to connect with a wide range of new customers

Already have your established, targeted customer base? Wonderful! What about potential customers who are unfamiliar with your business?

In this day and age people turn to the internet when they have a problem. With a professional website, you can position your business to be forthcoming as a solution for your customers’ needs.With an optimized site, you can expose your business to new customers searching for their solution.


3. Beneficial for local businesses

A major misconception about websites is that they’re only ideal for international companies with audiences around the globe. That could not be further from the truth!

Search engines often rank results according to location. In other words, if you’re looking for “restaurants near me,” the top results in Google won’t be a five star restaurant in New York — unless of course you live in New York.


4. Always accessible

A website is available to both your regular and potential customers 24/7, 365 days a year!

This provides them with the ability to review your products and services at their own pace, when your store/office is closed. With today’s commercial landscape, customers have multiple options when making a purchasing decision. As a result, a website providing customers with the ability to access your company information at their convenience, is a great selling point.

Additionally, settling exclusively for third party platforms — like Facebook — limits you to their terms and availability. If they decide to change policies or revise their terms and conditions, you will lose everything you worked hard for.

You control your own website and the content you put out there.  


5. Helps builds credibility

Today, more and more consumers use the internet. Hence, nothing is more important than the ability to be found.

If you don’t have an established online identity, then customers can’t find you. Not showing up on the internet is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility as a business. It makes you and your company look dated and out of touch. Not only that but you may lose potential clients as they would go to your competitors that do show up.

Even if you’re fantastic at word-of-mouth marketing or have a “homemade” website already, you are missing out. Having it professionally redesigned will provide your business with a professional image which will inspire even greater confidence.


Your solution is within reach

Trying to avoid the expense or headache, many small business owners rely on using third-party platforms instead of building a website.

However, building and maintaining a website is easier and cheaper than ever before! Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you can now use simple web publishing tools to build your very own website. And the fees for hosting a website start at less than $10 USD/ $27 XCD per month — compared to other marketing costs, this is by far the cheapest.

There are no more excuses. If you’re putting off building a website, you’re hurting your business. It’s time to get started!



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  1. Judy Deterville : February 4, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    If I wanted a website, how long would it take to get one built?

    • Edsel Theodore : February 5, 2018 at 12:36 pm

      Great question. That varies depending on how much time you put in to building it.

      If you are looking to have one built, contact us and we will give you an exact time frame for your project!

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