Web design trends in 2018

Web design trends in 2018

Web design trends you need to know

The past 8 months of 2018 have brought new web design trends. We will look at some of them to have a better understanding of where the web-design world is going today. Welcome to Web Design 2018 101!

Shadows are still trendy. New technologies make them more vibrant and pleasant for users to look at. The resolution of new screens that show much richer colours and a trend to use bold colour schemes also goes together with the ‘shadowy’ designs.

Every website designed in 2018 has to be highly responsive. The number of users who browse the web with their handheld devices keeps on growing. Smartphones, tablets, and even e-readers give an access to the internet for more and more people. The increasing accessibility of mobile internet all over the world is also a contributing factor.

As a result, many users may look at your site through the screen of their mobile device. You  definitely need to make sure your website looks good for them as well. That is to say, your website should fit not only on larger desktop screens but also on a small 5” screen of a smartphone.

The site should also be convenient to use both with the keyboard and a mouse and with a touchscreen. So convenience would be the next trend you need to look at. It might be the time to say that the mobile version design is even more important and should be first in mind when designing a website in 2018.

The animation. As browsers and web-design technologies advance it’s much easier to make the user’s experience much more intuitive and engaging with animations. Integrated animations might help you guide the user’s attention where you want it to be or where a user needs to look, show that something is loading, etc.

The broken grid designs are also trending in 2018. This unconventional idea departs from a basic grid we are so used to by now. The sites that use broken grid layout look catchy, and unique straight away.

The experimental way of juxtaposing the text and images on the site is a good way to get the attention of users. This also creates a unique experience which might be hard with a more standard, conventional grid design.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it

These are the noticeable web design trends of 2018. They are great to give your website a fresh, new appeal if you are looking to stand out. Needless to say if your website already has some of these ideas then you are good to go!

Alternatively, if you don’t see any of these trends on your website you may want to speak with your designer. It is important to stay up to date and contemporary because your competition certainly will be.

If you know of any we may have missed or would like to discuss those we mentioned, feel free to contact us or leave a comment bellow.

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